Hello there! Here is some stuff I did…

Quick Fire Webinar

Tomorrow is the first of our monthly One Step Ahead Quick Fire Webinars with IMPALA. We’ll have updates on our recent playlist report and upcoming marketing report, plus we’ll run through the biggest developments of the last month in the music business, and be taking questions and viewpoints to inform future research. If you are an IMPALA member – or a member of an IMPALA affiliated national trade body – you can book in for free.

Setlist update

For people who have asked, the Setlist Christmas break has extended a little because of some lockdown-related logistics, but we’re hoping to have some mini-episodes for you at some point, before a full-on return. That said, this week’s edition would be all about tomorrow’s select committee hearing on streaming royalties anyway, and we’ve probably already covered pretty much everything that’s going to be discussed in those special editions we put out last year.

Digital Dollar basics

Thanks to Eurosonic and ECSA for inviting me to take part in a great Creator Talks panel earlier today putting the spotlight on the streaming business model, the issues and the solutions. I gave a very speedy speed briefing on the Digital Dollar Basics and I’ve uploaded my slides to the CMU Library for anyone who tuned in and would like them. You can access them here.

It’s Eurosonic week!

It’s Eurosonic week! I am thinking of moving my desk so it’s six feet closer to the Netherlands to celebrate. Though I’ve just put up a load of acoustic absorption panels around my desk to help with recording stuff, so that probably isn’t sensible. Anyway, point is, I’m looking forward to taking part in the ‘Making The Music Value Chain Fair’ panel at the digital Eurosonic conference later this week. Info here.

Copyright webinars

Our new copyright webinar series kicks off next week and to celebrate I downloaded a new stock image. Last time I downloaded a stock image to illustrate a copyright thing it turned out someone had illegally uploaded the picture to the stock photo website, meaning it was actually infringing copyright. Which was kind of ironic. I used a different stock photo site this time, so I’m sure it will all be fine. To find out if we actually get sued – sign up for the webinars! Info here.

State Of Play

Yes, it’s my first plug of the year! For our first event of the year. This Thursday is the first IMPALA Digital Hour of 2021. This one is a ‘state of play’ webinar providing a speedy overview and discussion of the digital music market right now. How will digital services, digital distribution and digital marketing evolve this year and what do labels need to do to prepare? It’s a free session for any IMPALA members – or members of IMPALA-affiliated associations.