GDPR what now?

Published on Saturday 5 June 2021

In terms of the things I have written over the years, I think I am most proud of the letters I’ve penned responding to media lawyers who’ve made blatantly bullshit libel claims on behalf of their millionaire clients in a bid to attack our free speech – you know, the ‘liars for hire’ in the legal profession. Such letters make me glad I paid attention during the defamation lectures of my law degree. Though this weekend is the first time I’ve had a media lawyer using GDPR in a bid to get an accurate report of a public event deleted from the internet. That can’t possibly be what GDPR is for! Do I dig out my copy of the 2018 Data Protection Act and give it a good read so to construct a passive aggressive rebuttal? Or do I just delete the article and quietly grumble to myself about unethical lawyers and their willingness to attack the fundamentals of democracy in return for a quick buck?