Here is some stuff I did in March 2021…

TGE updates

So the other thing I was too busy to post about this week was the latest update on The Great Escape Online, which is taking place this May. TGE HQ announced a stack of artists who will be appearing in the online showcases, plus we shared details of the first round of keynote interviewees in the conference programme, including Merck Mercuriadis from the Hipgnosis Songs Fund. And there is still so much more to announce in the weeks ahead! Get the lowdown on the conference here.

Busy busy busy!

The good thing about having lots of stuff being published and announced is that you have loads of things to post about on social media. The bad thing is you’re too busy to post about anything on social media. So, I’m going to plug the ‘Music Copyright Explained’ guide we published on Monday today, and save the TGE announcement until tomorrow. You can access the guide here.

Chainsaws galore!

Until lockdown began a year ago I never realised [a] how many trees there were in this part of Leytonstone, [b] how often trees get cut down in this part of Leytonstone, [c] how incredibly loud wood chipping machines are. I suppose our local council’s logo is a tree. Though it should really be a tree being chopped down. By which, I mean, hope you enjoy the added chain-sawing and wood-chipping in the background to next week’s Setlist podcast!

Music Copyright Explained

Next week we are launching a new guide to music copyright with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. It’s called ‘Music Copyright Explained’, and is a free easy-to-follow beginner’s guide to music rights, music licensing and making money from songs and recordings. You can sign up to get a free PDF copy of the guide – and to attend some free ‘Music Copyright Explained’ webinars we are also running next week – at

Setlist is back!

The Setlist podcast had a three month break – which in COVID-time is probably about seven and half years – but now it’s back. We kick things off with a big recap episode covering the music business year so far. So, some Brexit nonsense. A few user-centric debates. Some ER chatter. And a grand old proposal that a stream is a stream is a stream. You can tune in here.

AIM Connected 2021

The Distribution Revolution continues! Building on the report we published with the Association Of Independent Music, this week I’ll be delving into the latest trends and developments in getting music to market with four top experts as part of AIM Connected. Reps from Ditto, Cargo, FUGA and [PIAS] will all be sharing insights at 1.30pm on Thursday. See you there! Info here.

Building Trust #01

This week we launched a new series of white papers called ‘Building Trust’ with Friend MTS. They’ll be delving into all the debates around platform responsibility and online harms. The first one puts the spotlight on the good old copyright safe harbour, while future editions will be looking at other topics including privacy, fake news, offensive content and free speech online. You can download the first white paper here.

Audio Talks

Setlist is coming back real soon, promise. But in the meantime, thanks so much to Oisin Lunny for allowing me onto the Audio Talks podcast from Harman. We had a great conversation about the challenges and opportunities for music-makers in the streaming age, with insights galore from my fellow guests Scott Cohen and Oscar Höglund. Tune in here.